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Does My Cat Need a Friend? Adopting a Second Cat.

Does My Cat Need a Friend? Adopting a Second Cat.

Cats might seem independent but enjoy making close bonds with other animals. In this blog, our Mooresville veterinarians discuss the idea of bringing a second cat into your home. As well as how to introduce them to each other.

How to Tell if Your Cat Wants Another Cat

If your cat's behavior suddenly changes, it could mean they're feeling lonely. Consult your vet, and if they agree that you should get a second cat, here are seven signs that your cat would benefit from feline companionship.


If your cat starts meowing a lot, following you around, and can't seem to leave you alone, it might be craving more social interaction. This clinginess could be a sign of separation anxiety.

Excessive Grooming

If your cat starts grooming excessively, it might be trying to soothe itself. However, if their grooming habits become unusual, it's best to consult a vet. Sometimes. This behavior can also indicate a health issue. If your cat appears unkempt and grooms less frequently, it might be a sign of loneliness or sadness, but always consult your vet first. 

A Shift in Sleeping Habits

If your cat sleeps a lot and no longer interacts with you, it could be a sign of loneliness or depression. However, like any behavior change, consult your vet to rule out any underlying medical problems. 

Litter Box Issues

If your normally well-behaved cat suddenly starts using places other than the little box, it might be trying to tell you something. This change in behavior could be a sign of stress or loneliness. Don't wait; reach out to our vet as soon as possible. Just like us, cats thrive on routines, and when theirs is disrupted, it's a clear signal for us to pay attention. 

Odd Eating Habits

Is your cat consuming more food than usual? It could be the result of boredom or a lack of social stimulation. When there is nothing else to do, the cat, like people, may turn to food. Alternatively, the cat may stop eating due to depression. A change in eating habits, on the other hand, may indicate a medical problem, so consult your veterinarian first.

Getting a Cat When You Already Have One

Even if your vet confirms that your cat is lonely and could benefit from another feline friend, it's tough to know if they are ready for one. A cautious introduction process will help them get off on the right paw.

Here are some steps you can follow and questions to ask yourself when introducing your cats for the first time:

  • What is your cat's relationship like with the other cats in the neighborhood? If your cat is agitated or angry when other cats enter their territory, it could be a sign that they would not accept sharing their home with another cat. Bengals, for example, are ideal as solitary cats.
  • Cats who are related get along better than cats that are not related.
  • Younger cats are more likely than older cats to accept new feline members of the household.
  • Because of the lack of hormones, neutered cats get along considerably better than unneutered cats.
  • Is your house large enough to give each cat their own space where they can get away from other cats if they want to?

What About if One of My Cats Passes?

If you had two cats, and one of them has sadly passway, you might think about getting another cat to keep your remaining cat company. But  before adding a new cat or kitten to your household., It's a good idea to give your serving cat some time to adjust to life without its friend. 

Cats are intelligent creatures with unique social needs; it's possible that they won't feel the need for another companion so soon after their former friend's death.

How Do I Know My Cats Like Each Other?

Wondering if your cats like each other? Cats that get along well will act like they're part of the same social group. You can tell if they're close by observing them grooming each other, sleeping together, or lying side by side. They might also greet each other regularly by touching noses or making little meowing sounds as they pass by. 

Is your cat displaying any of the above signs of loneliness? Before getting them a new friend, bring them here to Lake Norman at Mooresville Animal Hospital for an exam.

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