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Puppy and Kitten Visits: We generally begin vaccinations around 8 weeks and will be seeing your new pet each month for the first few months of life (much like a human baby!). We strongly recommend bringing a stool sample on your visit so we can check for any microscopic parasite eggs. Even if the breeder or shelter has dewormed your pet several times we still like to make sure we have gotten all the different types of worms that can affect both your new pet and your household. Your pet will receive a good look over and your doctor, as well as our pet nurses and staff, will be available to answer as many questions as we can to help with your new pet's care.

Adult Preventative Care Visits: We like to see adult pets at least annually. Pets with serious medical conditions such as diabetes or heart conditions we like to see more often and customize an individualized plan accordingly. It is recommended to bring a stool sample to your adult pet's visit so we can do a microscopic exam to look for parasites that may not be covered in their monthly heartworm prevention. We are moving towards customizing your pet's vaccines to their lifestyle and may ask you a few questions before we decide what they will be getting for the year. Like most veterinarians we are trying to avoid over vaccinating but also making sure we are vaccinating for the things your pet may be exposed to. For example- Lyme Disease is becoming increasingly problematic in our area so if you hike, boat, hunt etc with your dog we may suggest a Lyme vaccine. If "Fluffy" only goes to the groomer every 6 weeks we may focus more on easily transmitted respiratory viruses that he/she could pick up in close corridors at the salon. Your pet will also get an exam to make sure we don't pick up things such as dental disease in those back molars you don't typically see or a new heart murmur etc. We do recommend appointments for these visits especially so that you aren't left waiting for preventative care.

Sick Visits: We are always willing to take a sick pet in as a walk in. Please try to bring both a urine and stool sample with you or attempt to keep them from relieving themselves right before coming in the door in case we need either of those specimens. Our doctors will do an exam and discuss the history of the problem and may suggest diagnostics based on what they find. We try very hard to stay within people's budgets just try to let us know up front so we can work with you. We have in house blood work and digital imaging for convenience of getting your results fast so we can get your pet feeling better sooner.

New patients

Receive one free spa package. Spa packages include a bath, nail trim and ear cleaning. Patient must be current on all required vaccines.


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